Line dancing is popular with Golden Agers... there are three classes!  

Learn to Line Dance
This class meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the Community Center.  Carol Blan and Linda Hale lead this class.  Speaking from experience, newbies are welcomed with good humor and much appreciated patience. 

Line Dancing for Fun
Linda Hale is the instructor for this fun class.  Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons at the Owasso Community Center.  Newbies and experienced line dancers are welcome at this light-hearted activity. 

Line Dancing
Experienced line dancers enjoy this class lead by Barbara Craig on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Owasso YMCA.  This group gives demonstrations in the Owasso area.

All Line Dancing classes are open to community Seniors.  Classes are available every weekday.  Check the Calendar  for times and locations.  Join us for this fun and interesting activity!


Learn to Line Dance Photo