October 2019: Seniors’ 8-ball Tournament

We had 22 players in today’s 8-ball pool tournament held in Owasso.  We enjoyed assorted pastries and coffee for breakfast and Domino’s pizza and soft drinks for lunch.

The tournament results were as follows:
1st Place:  John Baker
2nd Place:  Seneca McIntosh
3rd Place:  Sandy Chamberlain
4th Place:  Clyde Reed
5th-6th Place:  Jim Morgan and Jim Wycoff
7th-8th Place:  Harry Adams and Fred Moll

NOTE:  The next monthly 8-ball pool tournament in Owasso will be held on Tuesday, November 5th.  At the time of the October tournament it was thought that date would be changed; however, the next tournament will be held on our regular first Tuesday in November.